Executive Communications Coaching

Presentation skills are the No.1 factor in determining how high you can climb in your company and how much you can make.

When was the last time you gave any serious thought to improving your own presentation skills? Not just your public speaking skills – but written, interpersonal and non-verbal presentation skills as well.

Liz de Clifford makes it easy for you to improve your presentation skills in a few hours. She offers private one-on-one coaching that targets skill development in the following areas, areas critical to your success on the job, as a leader or when you need to make a powerful first impression.

Liz de Clifford is a dynamic business communications consultant and coach. Liz’s expertise includes private coaching and consulting, business communications consulting, international etiquette and keynote speaking. Liz has traveled the world and is an expert at international communication skills and international etiquette. Whether you need assistance preparing for a big presentation at work or preparing to pitch to Japanese investors, Liz can help you be more polished and powerful with your words.

Delivering Persuasive Presentations

Analyze your audience, structure your message,  and perfect your delivery.

Leadership Communications Skills

Sharpen your skills to level up your career.

Public Speaking Excellence

Speak authenticity, add humor, eliminate filler words and be more confident.

Job Interview Preparation

Avoid common interview mistakes, dress for the role, and conduct a mock interview.

Additional Coaching Services

How Liz Can Help You

  • You are a business leader and have an important speech or presentation and feel nervous about it.

  • You need to make a presentation to a bank or investor about securing funding.

  • You are speaking at an international conference and want to ensure you adhere to business etiquette.

  • You need to address an audience that is culturally diverse and need to connect with people who are different than you.

  • You are a technical expert and need to communicate complicated information to non-experts.

  • You want to improve your presence at business meetings or in the boardroom.

What Client’s Say

“Liz helped me refine my presentation until I was comfortable with it’s flow and shared her knowledge on everything from varying your voice to how to hold a laser pointer. Liz draws on her extensive experience to create presentation strategies; furthermore, she is simply a pleasure to work with. I look forward to using her expertise again in the near future.”

Holda Biskeborn, Mechanical Engineering / Stanford University

“Ms. de Clifford coached me for my oral defense for the JSD, the most advanced law degree. Ms. de Clifford analyzed this exam situation in detail for me. She pointed out the group dynamics that come into play in this setting. She then role played the exam situation with me which helped tremendously, reducing my anxiety. I highly recommend Ms. de Clifford for her superior coaching and versatility.”

Dr. Urs Martin Lauchli, Stanford University Law School

“Elizabeth brought her knowledge and insight to a presentation for the editors guild and she clearly answered all our questions. Her patience and warmth put everyone at ease, and the feedback from our members unanimously praised the quality of her presentation.”

Paul Matalucci, Principal, WordRight Text Editors